VOLUNTEER AT OUR RACES and in exchange... 
Race for free and get free stuff!

Looking for a new experience? Want to see our events form the other side?

Sign up to be a volunteer at one or more of our race events and we guarantee you an amazing time!

We offer many volunteer positions that include the following: 

OBSTACLES: (FULL DAY)  Be positioned at an obstacle or on the course and encourage participants!

RECEPTION: (FULL DAY)  Be positioned at the event entrance or ticket booth and greet or sign in participants!

KIDS RACE AND AFTERNOON REPLACEMENT: (HALF DAY)  As of 12h30, help the team on the kids 1km course and/or replace other volunteers on the big course!

EVENT TEARDOWN: (HALF DAY)  Help remove flags, banners and other items after race day.

All you need to do is show up in the morning on race day to meet our team leaders, have a coffee and get your instructions. We will then accompany you to your designated location for the day. Included in your day is a delicious lunch, snacks and beverages. 

GORACE! will be using a new point system for the 2022 season. A full day of volunteering gets you ONE FREE RACE of your choice on any other day of the year plus 20 GORACE! DOLLAR POINTS that can be added up for some MERCHANDISE in our store! 

A half-day of volunteering gets you 10 GORACE! DOLLAR POINTS and half of a free race. (It takes 2 half-days to get a free race)